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Connect to UFApps Anywhere, Anytime!

UFApps is the quick and easy way to access software applications 24/7 from any Internet-enabled location. Use the service to complete coursework from your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. UFApps provides students with access to over 130 FREE applications including Microsoft Office, Matlab, SPSS, and AutoCAD at the touch of a finger. How can you [...]

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Got Wi-Fi? Learn How to Connect

If you’re studying or working on an assignment in your dorm room, at Library West, or even at the Florida Gym pool this summer, the UF Wi-Fi connection is never far. Connecting your mobile devices to the campus Wi-Fi is quick and easy. UFIT has installed more than 4,300 Wi-Fi access points on campus, and [...]

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Register Your Organization for Gatormania by June 19

Student organizations are encouraged to register for Gatormania 2017, the largest summer event on campus! Engage with prospective members on Saturday, July 8, from noon to 3 p.m. on the Reitz Union North Lawn, and enjoy free food, giveaways, inflatable fun, and live performances.
Don’t miss this opportunity to welcome new students to campus! Register your [...]

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GatorNights: featuring Daniel Martin Magic

GatorNights is bringing you a night of mystery for your first week back of summer classes! From escape rooms to mug shots, bring your friends and take home some fun memories! Daniel Martin is the headlining magician for the night (see clip below) so bring some friends and prepare to be mind-blown! His show will [...]

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Summer Break Help Desk Hours

Sunshine and blue skies – it’s summer time. Whether you’re interning, studying abroad, or staying on campus this summer, the UF Computing Help Desk is available to assist. Walk-in hours are limited from April 29 to May 7, but support is available 24/7 via phone (352-392-HELP/4357) and email (
Here are the Help Desk’s summer hours:

Saturday, [...]

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Studying Abroad? UFIT Can Help You

After finals week, many students set off to begin internships, travels, or studies. Here are some helpful tips you can use while traveling the world.

Free access to a secure Wi-Fi network is available via Eduroam. Eduroam allows students, faculty, and staff to access the Internet in more than 54 countries and at over 6,000 educational institutions. [...]

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GATORRATER Faculty Evaluations Now Open

Students, we need your feedback! The Spring 2017 GATORRATER faculty evaluation period is open. With GATORRATER, students can share anonymous feedback about instructors and courses. Filling out evaluations provides valuable information about the quality of instruction at UF and helps faculty with course planning. In addition, students can access previous evaluations before registering for courses. [...]

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Go Global Gators – Study Abroad

Earn credits towards your degree while abroad! Find out more about Study Abroad programs worldwide every Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 to 4 p.m. at the UF International Center (The Hub), 1765 Stadium Road, Gainesville, FL. 32611.

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Keep Calm and Use Tech Resources During Finals

Finals week is fast approaching; papers, projects, and exams are due soon. This can be a stressful time for students, but utilizing resources can help reduce anxiety. Here are a few free resources that will help you through finals week:

Study rooms at Marston Science Library and Library West—Reserve via D!BS
Calculators from Marston Science Library—Check out available [...]

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Gators Go Study Abroad Fall 2017

Application deadlines are May 10, 2017
UF in London – Study and Intern
Offering FIN3403 (a UF equivalent version for non-FIN students)
UF in Madrid – Study and Intern
Internships for Spanish high-intermediate level speakers
UF in Rome – Business, Language and Culture
UF in Paris – Business, Language and Culture
Internships for advanced French language speakers
UF [...]

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