Registrar Reminders

August 25:  Fall classes begin.
August 25-29:  Drop/add at or after assigned start time.
August 25-29:  Late Registration.
August 29 (by 11:59 p.m.): Deadline to withdraw from fall courses without fee liability.
September 5: Fall fees due by 3:30 p.m.
Access fee payment from the ISIS homepage, Under My Online Services, choose University Bursar.
September 5: Deadline to apply for fall [...]

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Registrar Reminders

August 22 (by 5 p.m.) is fall regular registration deadline. After the deadline, there will be a $100 late registration fee.
Fall classes begin on Monday, August 25.
August 25-29 (by 11:59 p.m.) is fall drop/add.
Last day to drop a course or withdraw without fee liability for fall semester is Friday, August 29 (by 11:59 p.m.)
Students are [...]

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Registrar Reminders

August 11-12: Walk-in service is not available for transcripts; transcripts ordered from August 7 (5 p.m.) through August 12 will be mailed Wednesday, August 13.
August 13: Final grades, degree statements and academic notations will be available from your ISIS transcript view.
Schedule adjustment for fall 2014 will continue through August 12, and August 14 – 21.

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Registrar Reminders

August 8: Summer B/C classes end

August 8: Summer B/C deadline to drop/add a course or withdraw from all courses by college petition.

August 8: Deadline to change permanent home address in anticipation of Summer B/C diploma mailing

August 9: 2014 Summer Commencement – Dates of graduate and professional school commencements can vary. Please refer to the official [...]

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Registrar Reminders

Fall 2014 degree application link now available from ISIS:
My Online Services > My Record > Certificate/Degree Application
Find graduation information at:
July 30:  Summer B/C Honors Theses are due to College Advising Offices.
August 1: Summer B/C Deadline to drop a course, W assigned.
Aug 1 (11:59pm): Summer B/C Withdrawal (all courses) Deadline, W assigned.
August 2-8:  Faculty Course [...]

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Registrar Reminders

If you have not paid any portion of your summer B fees or arranged for a fee deferment you will be withdrawn with fee liability this week. University policy stipulates that a student may not continue attending class if you are withdrawn. Students are responsible for tuition fees for all courses on their class schedule [...]

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Registrar Reminders

July 9 is the deadline for S/U grade option for Summer B
July 9 is the last day to withdraw from all summer B courses (W assigned) with a 25% refund.
Summer B Fees are due July 11 by 3:30 p.m. to the University Bursar’s Office.
July 11 is the deadline to submit summer B residency reclassification.
Schedule [...]

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Registrar Reminders

On June 30, summer B classes begin.
June 30 and July 1 is summer B Drop/Add.
July 1 (by 11:59 p.m.) is the last day to drop or withdraw from summer B without fee liability. Students are responsible for all summer B classes that remain on their schedules after July 1 at 11:59 p.m. Please confirm that [...]

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Registrar Reminders

June 19 (5 p.m.) through June 24, transcripts ordered online will be mailed on Wednesday, June 25.
June 23 to 24, ISIS transcript view closed and walk-in service for transcripts is not available due to end of term processing.
Official transcripts will be available with summer A grades and degrees on June 25.
June 23 through  June 27 [...]

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Registrar Reminders

For summer A, faculty course evaluation period is June 14-20.  Dates can vary by course.  Log on to GatorRater to verify.
Summer A classes end on Friday, June 20.
Official transcripts are available with summer A grades and degrees on June 25.
June 23 through June 27 is summer break.
June 27 is the summer B regular registration by [...]

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