How To Spot Fake Job Ads (Phishing)

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on January 13, 2020.

Unfortunately, UF students are heavily targeted with phishing emails – ESPECIALLY at the start of a new semester. Scammers know you have a lot going on and try to exploit your need for a part-time job. Falling for these scams can result in identify theft and additional financial insecurity, because scammers could obtain your social security number, bank account, and credit card information. Also, malware can be attached to these fake job emails and could attach to your phone, making other apps vulnerable. Students should be suspicious of any job-related email with spelling and/or grammar errors, or that uses strange capitalization or incorrect English. It’s also a good practice to hover over any link in an email and check that it is a legitimate company or campus URL. Types of phishing emails include but are not limited to:

  • A job offer that you never applied for. Any student job offering hundreds of dollars a week is NOT realistic.
  • Any job from a faculty member where you don’t ever meet them in person to interview, you’ve never been in contact with them before.

If you are ever suspicious, don’t click first –contact the UF Computing Help Desk via phone (352-392-HELP/4357) and ask them for their opinion, or forward the email to and ask if the email is legitimate.