Kognito Online Training for Mental Health

Filed under Athletic & Health, Opportunities on January 22, 2019.

College can be stressful at times, and there may be times when you’re concerned for a friend’s mental health. Would you feel comfortable expressing your concerns and motivating your friend to get help? It can be difficult to deal with these kinds of issues, but an effective conversation can help more than you think—it can help change someone’s life.

At the Counseling and Wellness Center, they want to make sure that they can all recognize signs of distress and know what to say if a friend needs help.

At-Risk for Students is an online simulation that lets you practice conversations with a virtual student, so you’ll know what to say in real life. You’ll learn how to determine when a friend needs help, how to talk with a friend who you’re worried about, and where you and your friend can turn to for help.

To complete the simulation, go to https://counseling.ufl.edu/resources/online/kognito/ and follow the instructions on your screen.