New online course Fall 2018 Root and Rhizosphere Ecology

Filed under Academic & Research, Opportunities on April 16, 2018.

Root and Rhizosphere Ecology (HOS6932)

A new course will be available for Graduate Students in Fall 2018. The course will offer a complete view of the rhizosphere and its unique functioning that implies numerous, strong and complex interactions between plant roots,  soil constituents and microorganisms.

The classes will not only aimed at addressing current knowledge and achievements but also at outlining the future challenges that stand in

front of rhizosphere sciences.

Topics incorporate how roots and the rhizosphere respond to different environments including multiple interactions between plant roots, microbes, mycorrhizas, soil heterogeneity, biogeochemical cycles, abiotic stresses, and emerging contaminants.
For more information please contact: Dr. Lorenzo Rossi, UF/IFAS IRREC | Horticultural Sciences Department | Phone: (772) 577-7341 | E-mail: