Dine with the Dean

Filed under Entertainment & Dining, Events on October 22, 2017.

“Not much in life is free”, but here is a deal you can’t beat. The Dean of Students would like to treat you to lunch.  Each month during the academic year, a group of students is invited to lunch with Dr. Heather White, Interim Dean of Students. The purpose of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to meet with the Dean and talk about student issues and concerns over an informal lunch. “Dine with the Dean” is just one way of maintaining lines of open communication between students and the UF administration.  Dine with the Dean is scheduled for noon to 1 p.m. on weekdays. To register, click on the link next to the date under DINE WITH THE DEAN on the DSO website at http:/www.dso.ufl.edu/dine/. Reservations are now being taken for October 27 (undergraduates only) and November 13 (graduate students only).