Migrant Farmworker Healthfair Sunscreen Collection

Filed under Athletic & Health, Opportunities on March 20, 2017.

Every spring, our community sees a large influx of migrant farm workers passing through with their families during blueberry season. The Rural Women’s Health Project and Migrant Education Project join forces with UFCOM to provide much needed health care to the migrant farmworkers. This population experiences many healthcare obstacles: from occupational hazards, poverty, substandard living conditions, language and cultural barriers, and impaired access to health care.

At UFCOM, their goal for this year’s health fair is to collect 300 mini- bottles of sunscreen for the migrant farmworkers and their families. There is a huge need for this due to the many hours they spend in the sun. Although seemingly small, this is one way they can support this vulnerable population.

What: Migrant Farmworker Healthfair Sunscreen Collection

Item: Mini-bottles of sunscreen

How many: Goal of 300 mini-bottles!

Where: UF COM Admission Office in HMEB

When: To be collected till the end of March