UF’s Counseling and Wellness Center

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on February 26, 2017.

The Counseling and Wellness Center offers a range of counseling services and, over the last few years, has typically established a waitlist for individual counseling appointments after the first 3-4 weeks of each Fall and Spring semesters. The average time a student spends on the waitlist is 15 or 16 days.

All students are first evaluated before being placed on the waitlist. Being placed on a waitlist only occurs when at the triage appointment it is determined that individual counseling/treatment at CWC is the best or only option for the student.

Students facing a severe mental health crisis, including but not limited to suicidal ideation with intent or plan, will be provided immediate care or connected with the appropriate resources when a higher level of care is needed.

Students whose presenting concerns are appropriate for any of other services, including group counseling and educational workshops, may be able to start their care and/or treatment in a matter of days. No waitlist is in place for these type of services. In addition, CWC is available for emergencies 24/7 and this service can be accessed after hours and on weekends through our main phone number (352) 392-1575.

In the 2015-2016 fiscal year more than 4,700 unique students were served by the center and there were close to 31,000 delivered appointments and consultations.