Employment Scams Target College Students

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on February 21, 2017.

Applying to jobs or internships online can be stressful. Resumes have to be up-to-date and cover letters have to be perfect, but would you think to check if the job site you’re applying to is legitimate? On January 18, the FBI issued an alert advising college students to be cautious when applying for jobs online. Fake postings can be found on job search websites or as email offers. How does it work? Scammers create fake job advertisements that ask students to enter banking information and login credentials as part of the application process. How can you spot the difference between a real job opening and a fake one? An employment scam might require depositing checks into your account or wiring money to other accounts. Also be cautious of poor English language use. Forward any suspicious emails to abuse@ufl.edu and visit the Security Office’s Protect Yourself page to learn more.