Warning – Beware of Skimmers on Card Readers!

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on February 13, 2017.

Imagine swiping your debit card at a local ATM and having all your information stolen. In just seconds, criminals can easily steal your personal information AND drain your checking account, using a small device known as a skimmer. What is a skimmer? Skimmers are portable devices that fit over an existing card reader to record card information. To avoid becoming a victim, make sure to look for devices attached to ATMs and pay-at-the-pump card readers, check for tampering, tug on the card reader and always shield your pin. Watch GoGatorsUFIT’s YouTube video to learn more ways to avoid skimmers.  Check out the Information Security Office’s Protect Yourself page, for more ways to protect personal information. Be smart and stay safe, Gators!