Gator Tips of the Week

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on January 9, 2017.
  • Monday, January 9 – Goal setting is a process for thinking about your ideal future and motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.
  • Tuesday, January 10 – Drop/add ends on January 10 at 11:59pm. Be sure to know this deadline and set your calendar, if necessary!
  • Wednesday, January 11 – “Every Gator Counts means that everyone is important. Each Gator should be treated with respect, care, and equality. We are all family!” – UF Student
  • Thursday, January 12 – Have you visited your faculty during their office hours? Check in with them to make sure you are on track for a successful semester!
  • Friday, January 13 – Did you know you can email if you are concerned about a fellow classmate or friend?
  • Saturday, January 14 – Check out all the leadership and service opportunities at!
  • Sunday, January 15 – Plan ahead and work on long-term assignments early. Track all of your due dates in a planner or calendar on your phone.