LGBTQ Lunch Series: Toxic Masculinity

Filed under Cultural, Events on October 17, 2016.

What do we talk about when we talk about Toxic Masculinity?
We’re referring to the worst parts of our society’s prevailing definition of what makes a man a man and the gender expression that follows.  Join LGBTQ Affairs on October 28 on a facilitated dialogue on toxic masculinity, its root causes, and how it manifests in our everyday lives.

Participants, identifying as masculine and non-masculine alike, will be able to share their experiences and share how toxic masculinity has played a part in their lives.  They’ll analyze current events under this framing and reflect on lived experiences as they attempt to deconstruct masculinity.

Einstein bagels and cream cheese will be served complimentary.  Located in the Rainbow Suite in the Multicultural and Diversity Affairs (MCDA) Suite on the 2nd Floor of the Reitz Union.