Gator Tips of the Week

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on September 12, 2016.

Sept. 12 – Helpful – Follow Albert’s example and lend a helping hand to a fellow Gator today!

Sept. 13 – Make time- Make time to relax and unwind. Check out these videos to help you reduce tension and relieve stress.

Sept. 14 – Food Pantry- The Alan & Cathy Hitchcock Field and Fork Food Pantry assists Gators who experience food insecruity.

Sept. 15 – Hello – Hello from the U Matter Ambassadors! The UMA’s focus on sharing the U Matter message and embody UF’s culture of care.

Sept. 16 – Uplift – Uplift the Gator Nation by sharing a quote or picture today that makes you happy and tag #UMatterUF on any social media account.

Sept. 17 – Safety first- Albert wants to remind everyone to think about their personal safety. If you need assistance during today’s game, text Gators to 69050.

Sept. 18 – Get connected- UF students can schedule a free consultation with an Involvement Team member if you need help getting involved at UF?