Monthly Social Issue

Filed under Opportunities, Service on August 15, 2016.

Stop by the Brown Center for Leadership and Service to check out the monthly educational display that focused on a new social issue while spotlighting a student organization, on-campus department, and community organization that is doing work to directly address the social issue.

August’s spotlight is on environmental preservation, focusing on waste reduction. They are partnering with Greeks Going Green & Gators Green (student organization), The Office of Sustainability (on-campus department) and The Repurpose Project (community organization).

You can also stop and serve, completing a quick service while visiting. The Brown Center for Leadership and Service creates more in-house opportunities for students to be educated, empowered, and engaged on-campus so you can go out into the community and be active citizens and change agents. The center is location at room 2015 in the J. Wayne Reitz Union.