Gator Tips of the Week

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on July 25, 2016.

July 25 – Getting ready for finals? Visit the Broward Teaching Center for support and assistance!

July 26 – Stay hydrated this summer days by picking up FREE Gatorade at the Student Health Care Center!

July 27 – Know your limits and don’t push it to the limit! Create a healthy regimen in order to live in motion. Balance is key!

July 28 – Do you know someone in distress? Lend a hand and take them to the 3rd floor of Peabody Hall or email

July 29 – Turn it up a notch and say hello to everyone you pass on campus today!

July 30 – Making progress towards personal and professional goals can help you achieve a sense of accomplishment!

July 31 – Every Gator Counts so continue to live in motion because movement helps decrease stress and anxiety levels.