Gator Tips of the Week

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on July 18, 2016.
  • July 18 – Start the week right and work out from home! Try this UF RecSports tip on the edge of you couch at home.
  • July 19 – Do you have cans of chicken, tuna, or peanut butter? Chomp hunger by donating proteins to the Field and Fork Pantry.
  • July 20 – Looking for a way to be stress free? Take some time to use your favorite stretch or yoga pose and focus on your breathing!
  • July 21 -Find a way to climb to the top of the career ladder and visit the Career Resource Center!
  • July 22 -Incorporate the Fish Philosophy today by making someone’s day, choosing your attitude, playing, and being present!
  • July 23 -Need help creating a weekly calendar? Visit GatorWell Health Promotions in the Reitz Union and set up an appointment to work on your time management skills.
  • July 24 -Looking for a way to speed up your metabolism. Stop by the Student Health Care Center’s Nutrition Services for advice.