Honors Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Summer B 2016

Filed under Opportunities, Study Abroad on January 19, 2016.

Weekly field trip destinations in this excursion-based program include Aachen, home of Charlemagne and the Carolingian renovatio of the Roman Empire; Trier – with the basilica of Constantine and other ancient buildings – where the Roman Empire first became “Holy”; the Cistercian monastery at Maulbronn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Nuremberg, where the Holy Roman Empire intersects with Hitler’s infamous “Third Reich”; and Vienna, a special weekend excursion to the seat of the Habsburg dynasty, with residential palaces, theaters, and museums. Local expeditions are also planned to nearby Worms and Speyer. Program not limited to Honors Students: Space will be available in this program for all academically qualified students. Program includes independent study projects under direct supervision of UF Center Directors (Professors Bonnie Effros and Will Hasty). Submits copies of transcripts and a one page single-spaced statement of purpose directed to hasty@ufl.edu by March 18.