New Mobile Safety App Available in December

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on November 30, 2015.

The University of Florida Police Department in coordination with Student Government is releasing a new mobile safety application named “GatorSafe” on Dec. 1. The new GatorSafe app is powered by AppArmor and will replace the current application TapShield. UF began using the TapShield app in 2014 and it will cease to work after this semester. Students are encouraged to install the new app.

It will be available by searching in your Apple or Google Play app stores and will have many of the same features that users will recognize and trust to help promote their safety while on the UF campus. In addition, the GatorSafe app also has many other features including:

  • Contact information for emergencies on and off campus
  • Emergency guides that direct user actions
  • Alcohol poisoning/safety information and what a user should do if they find someone in distress
  • A crime map that provides information regarding where incidents are occurring on/around the UF campus
  • New methods to provide tip information directly to law enforcement
  • A “safety tool box” that provides numerous tools one can use to enhance their personal safety.
  • Links to various transportation web sites including SNAP, RTS, Uber and Gator Lift.

It is the UFPD’s vision to be a national model in the field of campus law enforcement by providing innovative police services. The UFPD accomplishes this vision by implementing technological products, such as the GatorSafe app, in order to serve and protect our campus.