Medical Amnesty Policy

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on September 7, 2015.

It is important to know UF’s Medical Amnesty Policy because Every Gator Counts!

Health and safety is the University of Florida’s number one priority. If you suspect alcohol poisoning or have concerns about an alcohol-related injury, it is important to seek immediate medical help. Some students may be hesitant to seek medical attention for fear that police may be contacted. It is crucial to be safe. The University of Florida implemented the Medical Amnesty Policy to help ensure all students call for medical help for themselves or friends during alcohol, drug or other health emergencies. UF’s Medical Amnesty Policy waives student disciplinary action under certain conditions.

If someone is experiencing alcohol poisoning or overdose, please make sure to follow the instructions below because Every Gator Counts!

  • CALL FOR HELP IMMEDIATELY. Do not hesitate to call 911. The person’s life is in danger.
  • Stay with the person needing assistance until help arrives.
  • Be prepared to give the emergency medical personnel as much information as possible.
  • Do not leave the person alone. The person may seem to be okay, but the alcohol ingested may take some time to be absorbed before peak levels are reached in the brain.
  • Do not try to give the person anything to eat or drink. The stomach is severely irritated and cannot handle anything else.
  • Do not try to sober the person up by putting them in a cold shower. The person could fall or the shock could make him/her pass out.
  • Do not let the person “sleep it off”

The University of Florida encourages all students to make responsible decisions and seek medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug abuse. The person calling for help and the person in crisis will not be referred for Student Code of Conduct charges regarding the alcohol or drug use per UF’s Medical Amnesty Policy.