Can You Make it Around UF in 5 Days?

Filed under Student Organizations on August 24, 2015.

Welcome Transfer Students, to the University of Florida!

To make sure you’re on the right track, and you have everything you need, Transfer Student Ambassadors will be holding a Welcome Week (Aug. 24 through 28) specially designed for transfer students.
Can You Make it Around UF in 5 Days?
If you can, you could also be the winner of a $100 gift card.  Participate in each day of the Transfer Student Ambassadors Welcome Week and at their Gator Nights social Friday night they’ll randomly choose one student, who takes part in all of the events, to take home $100.
Post questions on their Facebook page, Transfer Student Ambassadors UF, for help from other Transfer Students and to stay up to date with events throughout the semester.
We’re here to help #UtransFer
Find them in Turlington on the first day of school to commence your race.
Hope to see you this week, and contact us anytime at