Spring Break Opportunity: Collegiate Challenge

Filed under Student Organizations on January 26, 2015.

With Spring Break quickly approaching, applications for Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge are now available.

Some basic information: The trips are going to build in an urban and sustainable environment in downtown Raleigh, NC, and to the Thibodaux, LA (only 20 min outside of New Orleans). This is a great opportunity because the total cost for fee/lodging/transportation is affordable; this is a massive amount of community service hours; and it is very great way to give back through construction.

You will most likely be building a whole home from the ground up, and from experience is incredible to witness.

Expect to make great friends and make it in the local papers/news.

Please email austina@ufhabitat.org with any questions/concerns/details.

Here is the application is available at http://tiny.cc/xzr2qx