Fourth of July with Florida Alternative Breaks

Filed under Opportunities, Service on June 23, 2014.

Join Florida Alternative Breaks for a Fourth of July weekend unlike any other. They will be working with veterans and learning about the the issues surrounding veteran’s health care.

The Veteran’s Affair office has been under scrutiny in the news lately because of its ineffectiveness at addressing the healthcare needs of veteran’s, so this is guaranteed to be an inspiring and educational service-learning opportunity.

Help veterans with life-lasting wounds and conditions throughout their daily activities, play games (like billiards) with them, and listen to their stories.

The trip is all inclusive at only $75, and you can look forward to great fireworks.

This trips always has phenomenal reviews.

Past participant Mariana Reyes had this to say about her time on the trip, “Volunteering with veterans was an inspiring and raw experience filled with many emotions. One thing I found inspiring was the positive attitude many
had no matter their circumstance.”

Email if you have any questions.

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