Gator Tips of the Week

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on February 10, 2014.
  • February 10 – Do you or someone you know need help with a situation that is impacting this semester? Email for assistance. We’re here for you!
  • February 11- Dream big this semester! Create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
  • February 12 – Reach out to someone today and make their day. Provide that culture of care by making a difference and being part of the solution!
  • February 13 – Are you or a friend having trouble connecting to campus resources? Email and if you or someone you know needs assistance.
  • February 14 – A smile or a hello can go a long way! Interact with someone you don’t know so they feel like they are an important part of the Gator Nation.
  • February 15 – Are you are concerned about someone you know?  Email for support and guidance. There are over 70,000 Gators and not 1 to spare.
  • February 16 – Are you noticing someone in your class that seems distressed or has multiple absences? Email so we can provide them with the necessary support.