Gator Tips of the Week

Filed under Administrative, Information Tech on October 28, 2013.

This week marks the launch of the I Will Listen campaign at the University of Florida. #IWillListen is a campaign sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The campaign’s goal is to break down the stigmas surrounding mental illness through conversation by encouraging people to do one simple thing… Listen. To participate, visit and join the listening movement on the UF Campus on Facebook at

Monday, October 28

  • Empathy involves understanding why someone has done something or why they might have the feelings they do. #IWillListen
  • Paraphrase what the individual is saying. By doing so, you show that you are engaged in the conversation. #IWillListen

Tuesday, October 29

  • Be aware of your surrounding environment. Are you in a place where the individual can feel safe to speak? #IWillListen
  • Don’t think about what you want to respond with while an individual is speaking, you won’t be attentive to everything they are saying. #IWillListen

Wednesday, October 30

  • Avoid using accusatory tones and asking questions when someone is talking to you. You can be the difference in their solution. #IWillListen
  • Ask open-ended questions that will allow someone to elaborate on their feelings. Make a difference and be part of the solution. #IWillListen

Thursday, October 31

  • Avoid interrupting someone when they are sharing, especially when they pause to think or feel about what they are saying. #IWillListen

Friday, November 1

  • Sometimes, when a friend or someone you know is in need, listening can make all the difference. #UMatterUF #IWillListen
  • Sometimes you don’t even need to say anything. Just being present can help a friend in need. #UMatterUF #IWillListen

Saturday, November 2

  • When someone is talking to you keep an open mind and try not to be judgmental. Listen more than you speak. #UMatterUF #IWillListen
  • Recognize your moral and ethical biases. Try not to allow them to influence your response as you are listening. Maintain an open mind. #IWillListen

Sunday, November 3

  • Paraphrasing is a great way for the person to know you’re listening and responding while still keeping the whole conversation on them. #IWillListen
  • Ask for clarification or understanding of the information once an individual has finished their thoughts. #IWillListen